Today’s lunch was Ramen noodles we brought from Singapore.  The sort we use doesn’t have a long shelf life so I often realise it’s well passed it because it’s not something we have often, so I try to use it relatively soon after we buy.


However, we realised that we don’t have any chopsticks yesterday!  When we were moving, we knew we wouldn’t be able to open all the boxes and have to limit to certain amount of stuff to take out until the renovation is over so I collected the things that I thought we will need until then and asked the packer to pack them separately and mark the boxes as Priority.  We have been, however, finding many things that we need are missing because we didn’t think of them – and chopsticks is one of them.  I imagine a standard Japanese person would have packed them before anything else but we don’t have Japanese food so often so it escaped me.  Then this morning I realised we also don’t have appropriate bowls to serve in.  My husband went out to a couple of supermarkets to see if they have any chopsticks (we did find one of them have them online) but no such luck.  We can buy them online and there was no reason really that we had to have Ramen today but we had decided a few days ago to have it today and my husband was so keen to have it.


So, we had to improvise.  We did find 2 sets of cooking chop sticks, they are much longer than usual ones so hard to use but we decided they are better than forks.  This probably doesn’t look so strange to western people but I think it does to most Japanese.


Incidentally, although we like the basic flavour of this particular Ramen (Chuka Zanmai Mala Dan Dan Noodle) we feel it doesn’t have enough seasonings, so I add quite a lot of sesame paste and Dobanjan and reduced the water.


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