Supermarket Flowers


We haven’t had time to try a flower shop to buy flowers yet, but I’m checking the flowers at supermarkets.  When we first arrived, they were mostly roses and chrysanthemums, and I didn’t see much that I really liked, but recently I started seeing other flowers and today I bought a bouquet of purple hyacinth, purple anemone, white tulips and narcissus. and white ranunculus.   When I picked them up I wasn’t wearing my glasses and thought the narcissus were freesias!  I love all these flowers and the combination of purple with white.  I first dumped the whole bunch of flowers in the vase but just now got rid of some leaves and arranged it all differently.  Unfortunately I don’t have strings to tie a bouquet so I cannot make a proper bouquet.


It’s not like in Hong Kong, where you can get flowers from all over the world, but I enjoy being able to get flowers “in season”.




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