A Lot Of Decision Makings On The Renovation And Lunch At The Black Horse


This morning, we met our interior coordinator at a shop where they sell tiles for the walls and floors to see which ones to use for the floor and walls in our new bathroom and a back splash in the kitchen, then visited a shop where they handle bath tubs, shower rooms, sinks etc to choose what we want to use for our bathroom.  Things like this always take longer than you think, it took us more than 2 hours.  My husband showed no interest a few weeks ago when I was talking to the interior decorator and a bathroom guy, but I guess seeing actual tiles and other parts made him more interested and he was joining our decisions.  It will be a couple of months before it’s done but we started to feel more excited about it.

外出していたついでに近くのパブでランチ。「The Black Horse」。夫は、カマンベール焼きにガーリックパンとブレッドスティックを添えたもの、わたしは今日のスープ(人参、レンティル、クミン)とパン。どちらも前菜からですが、十分なボリュームでした。スープは普通に美味しかったですが、熱くて熱くて!火傷しそうでした。スープというよりピューレという濃さなので、なかなか冷めない。

As we were out and all this finished around lunch time, we went to The Black Horse for lunch.  My husband had Baked Camembert with garlic bread and bread sticks, and I had today’s soup (carrot, lentil & cumin) & bread – both from starter menu but enough for lunch. Soup was good but so so hot, I might’ve burned my mouth.  It was more like puree than soup, so thick that it didn’t cool down for a long time.





途中の小さな Waitrose でちょこっとお買い物をして戻りました。

We stopped at a small Waitrose to get a few things before coming home.


The weather has been awful, it’s not only raining but also so windy, I can hear the wind from inside home and trees are moving a lot, looks like before a Typhoon hits you.  From the weather forecast, it’ll be raining tomorrow and the day after tomorrow but forcasted to be sunny on Friday.


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