Quick Chermoula Chicken (with Zhoug Couscous and Veggies)

今日は、また、曇り空の1日でした。出かける用事はなかったのですが、午後3時半からリノベーションの打ち合わせがあったので、家のことをあれこれしていたら1日終わってしまいました。リノベーションの打ち合わせが終わったのは5時過ぎていたので、こんなとき、Hello Fresh のキットがあるのはとても便利。

It was another grey day.  We didn’t have any appointment or chore to go out, but we had a meeting with a couple of people for the renovation from 3.00pm and that didn’t finish until about 5.30pm.  We did some chores at home before the meeting so the day had gone so quickly and it was pitch black outside when the meeting was finished.  We are glad we had our “Hello Fresh kit on a day like this.

ということで、今日のディナーは Hello Freshの「Quick Chermoula Chicken (with Zhoug Couscous and Veggies」(チェルモーラ・チキン、ゾーグ・クスクスと野菜)。わたしが知っているチェルモーラはモロッコなど北アフリカで使われるソースでハーブとオイルを混ぜたものですが、今日はパウダー状のスパイスでした。ゾーグは初めて聞きましたが、中近東のイエメンのソースだそうです。今日入っていたのはパセリやバジルを刻んでオイルとスパイスを加えたもののようでした。

So, we had “Quick Chermoula Chicken (with Zhoug Couccous and Veggies)”.  Chermoula I know is green paste made with green herbs and olive oil but it was a mixture of dried spice today.  I’d never heard of Zhoug, but apparently it’s a sauce or condiment of Yemen that has become trendy in the last few years.  I think the sachet of Zhoug said it had parsley, basil, oil and some spices.


It is a very easy and quick recipe.  When my husband was working and I was cooking for him I wouldn’t have thought this would be enough for a dinner, but as we now decide the menu and cook together, it’s not a problem any more!  I guess the sauce had some garlic in it as it tasted of it, and was herby and a little spicy, zucchini was nice and crisp – we enjoyed it.


I reduced the amount of hot water for cooking couscous to the same amount of couscous.






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