Sausage, Pear and Root Veg Traybake

今日のディナーは、Hello Fresh の「Sausage, Pear and Root Veg Traybake」(ソーセージ、洋梨、根野菜のトレーベイク」。ソーセージはオーブンで焼くだけ、洋梨、根野菜は切って混ぜてオーブンで焼くだけ。ソースも玉ねぎを炒める以外混ぜるだけ、ととても簡単な1品でした。

Today’s dinner was “Sausage, Pear and Root Veg Traybake”, which is from Hello Fresh.


Used vegetables are carrot, parsnip & small potato – although we used only 1 carrot and left out a couple of the small potatoes.  I made a mistake of adding the shallot to the roasted vegetables instead of using it as the base for the sauce, so we used a half of an onion for that instead.  I believe this dish will work well with pork chops rather than sausages.  The creamy mustard sauce went well with the potatoes as well as the sausages.





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