Pizza Toast (French Bread)


As we had a big dinner last night at our friends’, we decided to have something very light tonight.  I wanted to use tomatoes and shredded cheese in the fridge, so we made what Japanese call “Pizza Toast” using French bread.  I’ve always made sure we have some tomatoes at home because we’ve always had a salad very often, nearly every day, so I still feel we should keep some tomatoes.  However, with this cold and wet weather, we don’t often crave for a salad and tend to let tomatoes get old in the fridge.


In Japan, when I was young, Pizza Toast (very thick toasted bread with the usual pizza toppings) was always on every coffee shop’s menu.  I haven’t had it in Japan for ages, I don’t even know if they still have them.  In England they do have cheese on toast and I suppose they are similar but at the same time quite different.  Pizza toast always uses very thick bread and usually has pizza sauce, tomato, onion, and cheese.  When I lived in England to learn English, I remember my host mother would occasionally grill one of those frozen ones that looks like pizza toast with French bread when she didn’t have time to cook properly, and I used to love it because I had problems with eating English food in general, specially gamy meat.


There was little salami with fennel in the fridge, so we used that as well.




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