Lunch At Bill’s And Shopping In Chichester

今日はお昼前に家を出てチチェスター に買い物に行きました。今日は、とても寒かったですが良いお天気でした。

We went to Chichester to do some shopping today.  It was very cold but there was some sunshine.




First, we went to “Bill’s” for lunch, we’d been there once before and liked it.   My husband had their Halloumi cheese burger and I had Hot Chicken Salad.



My husband loves Halloumi cheese so he liked the burger.  The avocado was optional and he decided to get it but it wasn’t nice at all, not ripe so basically no taste other than lemon juice that they seem to add.  Avocados in England are as bad as those in Singapore, it’s very hard to get good tasty and sticky ones.



Hot chicken salad.  It wasn’t bad but I would have enjoyed it more if it had more spice or herbs.  I needed to add some salt as it was under seasoned.  Kimchee is also on the plate, Korean food has been popular recently worldwide.  I don’t think this was really Kimchee, though.  Another thing that you see in cafes in England often – flat bread, it’s only a tortilla.  I suppose tortilla can be categorised as a flat bread but I think of something a little thicker personally when I hear “flatbread”.




After lunch, we went in a few shops to try to find what we were looking for but didn’t find any.  I did buy something in one of the shops, then flowers.  We then did some food shopping in a supermarket, then had our car washed (in a machine) because some pigeon pooed on our car in the car park of the National Trust we visited on Thursday.  (Oh, I did buy walking boots and walking shoes!)


3 Buttermarket, North Street
Chichester PO19 1LQ



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