The Parsons Table (Arundel)

今日は、何度か予約を試みたけれどいつも満席だった Arundel の「The Parsons Table」でディナーをしました。予約をした時点で金曜日は満席、土曜日はキャンセルが出て8時15分の予約を入れることができました。

We had dinner at “The Parsons Table” in Arundel, which was always fully booked when we tried to get a reservaiton in the last few weeks.  This time, it was also fully booked yesterday but there was a cancellation for today at 8.15 so we were able to get a table.

何度も書いていますが、Arundel はとても素敵な街ですが、あっという間に歩いて回れる小さな街。その割にはパブやカフェやティールームやカジュアルなレストラン(中華料理、インド料理、ピザ屋さんなど)はそこそこあるのですが、本格的なレストランはこの1件だけのようです。(昨年末まではもう1件あったようなのですが。)

I wrote this a few times before but Arundel is a really lovely town, but it is very small.  For the size of it, I think there are plenty of pubs, cafes, tea rooms and other casual restaurants like Chinese, Indian, Pizzeria etc, but this seems to be the only high level restaurant.  (Apparently there was another one but it closed at the end of last year.)



To start my husband had Gravadlax with pink grapefruit, fennel, cucumber & sour cream.



I had one of today’s specials – root vegetable salad, blood orange & some seeds.  However, after eating some, I couldn’t find any blood orange.  I wondered if they meant blood orange juice in the sauce or something but asked a staff just in case they’d forgotten as such a thing happened to me quite a few times before.  The staff told me there should be some slices of blood orange but there were none – so they made it again for me.



This is how it was supposed to be – not only blood orange but also fennel was added, I don’t know if the chef forgot them or someone took it away to serve before the chef had finished the dish.  Anyway, they apologised properly so it was fine.



For the main, my husband had Venison with beets, quince, red cabbage & juniper.



I had Beef cheek in red wine with potato puree, shallot, herb crumb & red wine. The beef was fork tender.  It was good but the portion was much too big for me.  Also beef in red wine has very intense flavour, I cannot eat a lot of it.  My husband had a little, too, but I couldn’t finish it, I guess I had about a half.  I did finish all the vegetables, though.


I read one of the comments on Tripadvisor saying the portions were very small, but what we chose all had large portions, probably about double of what they wouild be in Japan, or more.



We shared a dessert  – Apple crumble with salted caramel ice cream.




We enjoyed all enough, the presentation is good, too.  The presentation looks modern but we felt the flavour was more traditional.  I often find food in England too salty but it was just right here, which I’m very happy about.  We didn’t think the level of cooking is particularly high, but competent.  The service was very friendly and nice.  Their menu had a lot of fish and game meats, but there were a few vegetarian dishes as well.  I don’t think I can go back too quickly, though, because my choice is very limited.


When we decided to live in this little village, I thought we would not be eating out often, but we are still eating out.  I’m happy that we do have some good enough restaurants around us.



The Parsons Table
2&8 Castle Mews
Tarrant Street, Arundel
West Sussex, BN18 9DG

Tel: 01903 883477

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