Avocado Toast & Corn Soup & Kewpie Mayonnaise

今日のランチは、アボカドトーストとサラダ、そして日本のインスタントのコーンポタージュ(笑)。アボカドは昨日 Waitrose で大きめの熟れ頃のものがあったので。インスタントのコーンポタージュなんて、何年振りでしょう。日本に住んでいた時は、ひとりのときに、たまに小腹が空くと飲んでいましたが、もう何年も飲んでいません、まして夫に出したこともなかったのですが、先日オンラインで日本食材などオーダーするときに送料を無料にするために足したもの。ふと懐かしくなって。

Today’s lunch was Avocado Toast with Salad & Japanese Instant Corn Soup.  We saw these large and ripe avocados in Waitrose yesterday, and the one we used was quite good.  I haven’t had this type of Japanese instant corn soup for decades, I cannot remember the last time I had it.  When we lived in Japan, if I was on my own and a little peckish I would have this occasionally – it comes as a powder you mix with hot water.  Of course I’ve never served it to my husband before, but it’s quite similar to what you would have in a what-we-call “family-restaurant” in Japan, so he is familiar  with the taste.  When I was buying things online from a Japanese grocery shop, I needed to make it up to 100 pounds to get the free shipping so I added it for nostalgic reasons.


Basically, western people have soup as a starter or a main rather than with something else, I think.  I have seen sandwich with soup in a cafe, I wonder how they would have them, do they have them together?  I feel typically Japanese would have both at the same time – like you will have a bite of a sandwich, then a sip of soup, a few bits of the sandwich, a sip of soup and so on.

そうそう、アボカドトーストのパンにマヨネーズを少し塗りました。あまり体に良くないのはわかっていますが、(アボカドトーストの時はあまり塗りませんが)サンドイッチにはバターが苦手なのでマヨネーズ派なのです。それも、日本のキューピーマヨネーズ。やはり慣れているからか、マヨネーズは西洋のこってりしたものより日本のマヨネーズが好きです。普通のスーパーの Sainsbury でも売っていてびっくりしました。最近はこちらでもキューピーマヨネーズと使う方がおられるのでしょうか。

I used Japanese mayonnaise on the bread today.  I know it’s not good for us, but I don’t like butter so I tend to use Japanese mayonnaise for sandwiches (though not often for avocado toast).  I do like Japanese mayonnaise better than western, it’s much lighter and I like the slight acidity.  I was very surprised to see Kewpie Mayonnaise in Sainsbury’s!  Do people in England use it?





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