Cheesy Chipotle Bean Quesadillas (with Avocado, Tomato and Rocket Salad)

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の “Cheesy Chipotle Bean Quesadillas (with Avocado, Tomato and Rocket Salad)”(チーズたっぷりのチポトル・ビーンズ・ケサディア、アヴォカド、トマト、ロケットサラダ添え)でした。調理時間は15分。パック入りのビーンズのミックスに青ネギ、チポトルペースト、トマトペースト、チーズ(ーズはチェダーが苦手なのでピッツァ用のシュレッドしたモッツァレラ)を加えてトルティーヤに乗せ、半分に追って焼くだけ。

Today’s dinner was “Cheesy Chipotle Bean Quesadillas (with Avocado, Tomato and Rocket Salad)” from Hello Fresh.  It takes only 15 minutes to cook.  You smash mixed beans from a pack and mix it with spring onion, Chipotle paste, tomato paste and cheese (I don’t like Cheddar so we used shredded mozzarella), put the mixture on tortilla, fold in half and cook in a frying pan.


Although the recipe tells you to add oil in the frying pan to brown the tortilla, we didn’t use any oil.  When you use oil, it makes it all crispy but also a little heavy, if you don’t it’s lighter naturally.  I used only a very small amount of Balsamic vinegar for the salad.  The avocado that came with the kit was not ripe, this seems to happen a lot, but fortunately we had another one that was ripe at home so we used that.  Also I added salad leaf mixture to the rocket leaves.


It mostly tastes of Chipotle paste, which is a little sour, a little spicy and very smoky.  If you don’t like Chipotle, you would not like this but we enjoyed it.  Instead of mixing cheese with beans, green onion, Chipotle paste and tomato paste, I think we would make the mixture without cheese, spread the mixture on tortillas and top them with cheese, that way you’d get gooey cheesy bits.


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