Left-Over Pizza


Today’s dinner (supper) was left-over pizza from lunch and a salad.  It seems like I forgot to take a photo of the food, but it’s only pizza and salad.


We bought these table mats today at Haskins Garden Centre.  As the dining cabinets will be in dark grey and the walls are lighter grey and the table will be a very natural looking oak, these greyish mats will work well.  Doesn’t work that well with the current table but go with the purple tulip colour.  Table mats, I find, are often a little too small for our plates as we tend to use large plates, but these are nice and large.





We are going to London for 2 nights, mainly to see our friends from Hong Kong.  It happens that the plumber called us to tell us they’ll do the work of removing the radiators and installing new ones from tomorrow, which works our well.  By the time we get back on Friday, the work should be done.



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