Shabu-Shabu In London


There aren’t any Japanese restaurants near where we live, unlike in Singapore, and we miss going to a Japanese restaurant, so we went to one tonight taking the opportunity of being in London. It’s called Tokyo Sukiyaki-tei and happened to be in the neighborhood of the hotel we are staying at, just 7-8 minutes on foot.


Coronavirus is spreading and even though we are far away from Asia these days that doesn’t make it much safer I feel, so we thought we should be a little careful to avoid to be in a large crowd of people from certain places but when we got to the restaurant it was full of people from China! As far as we could see the customers were almost all from China except a few British groups. They looked like they live here so hopefully not a risk. No Japanese that we could see. I found a review of this restaurant in a blog written by a Japanese lady, so I guess they do have Japanese customers as well.


They serve Sukiyaki, Shabu-shabu, Sushi and many other dishes but we decided to have Shabu-shabu. We like sukiyaki, too, it has a lot of sugar in and less variety of vegetables, Shabu-shabu is lighter. We chose ordinary Japanese beef. They had higher rank Japanese beef and also Kobe beef but we prefer less fatty meat. These were just right for us.


Beef wasn’t gamy at all, very tender and good. They give you both ponzu and sesame sauce, which is great, but don’t give you any more sauce when you use it up, you have to order and pay for extra, which isn’t great.


For dessert my husband had Matcha ice cream and I had mochi ice cream.


I forgot to take a photo but we had Edamame to start with and also had 3 small draft beers; the bill was 115 pounds. The 2nd most expensive dinner we’ve had in England since we moved here, after the Savoy Grill, but in Singapore dollars it’s $200 and that seems very inexpensive, it probably would have been more like $600 in Singapore.

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