A Lovely Surprise – Hyacinth In Our Garden


It’s February today!  It seems only a little while ago when the year started but already a month has gone by.  It used to start getting dark around 3.00pm and was pitch dark by 4.00pm when we came, but now it’s not completely dark until a little before 5.00pm, the day is getting longer little by little.  Our back garden is North West facing so it doesn’t get much sun during the winter, but I can see that much larger area is getting the sun now.   Soon, we’ll have the season when lots of flowers start blooming, I’m so looking forward to spring.


From inside the house, I saw something under the bamboos that don’t look like bamboo leaves or some weeds, so I went out to see it and found a tiny hyacinths coming out!!  We don’t know what sort of plants / flowers the previous owner of the house planted so it’s like a treasure hunt.  I would imagine they would have planted more than just 1 bulb, so maybe we’ll see more of them.






The hyacinths in a pot are growing slowly, too.




And the snow drops are blooming!  I wish I were able to have them close to me inside the house because they look adorable, but they love cold climate so you aren’t supposed to bring it inside.  In fact, there is some saying that they bring unhappiness if you bring it inside.  They look like they would bring happiness to me.




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