Left-Over Curry

今日は、のんびりお家デーでした。あちらこちらの埃を掃除して、家のことをあれこれて、お昼寝して(笑 その間に夫はアイロンがけをしてくれていました)。夕食は、昨日の残りのカレー。どちらも美味しかったです。ダールはまだ余っているので、冷凍しました。

It was a stay home day today.  I dusted here and there, did some other chores at home, had a nap (and my husband did ironing while I was having a nap!).  Today’s dinner was left-over from last night – both curries were very good.  There is still some Daal left so I froze it for another lunch.


I was a little worried if I would have aches all over this morning from cleaning the floor but I was fine, just a little aching arms in the morning but it’s gone now.  I did ironing for over an hour a few times recently and was a little worried if my back would hurt on the following day but I was OK then, too, which is great.


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