The panelling on the wall in the master bedroom is steadily progressing and is looking good.  The joiner has to do some cutting apparently but he is doing that in his van and all he is doing in the room is to glue the parts with strong adhesive, so not much noise at all, very quiet.


We hadn’t gone back to our nearest pub for a while but we had Ploughman’s for lunch today – shared one as it’s enough for 2.  Just around the lunch time the sun started to shine and you can see how strong the sun was in the pub through the blinds.  It was very cold outside, though.




As I write this, it’s 4.30pm.  When we moved to England it was pitch dark before we had tea at 4.00pm, but now the days are getting longer, it’s still quite bright now.  The garden gets quite a lot of sun now, too.  These little things show how the season is changing and we love noticing the changes because we lived without any such variations for the past 10 years in Singapore.


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