Hyacinths & Renovation Progress


Apparently, the storm yesterday was the worst in this century, some areas had serious flooding and some had power cuts, lots of flights were cancelled etc etc.  We have one very tall tree in our garden and another large and tall tree right behind the fence between us and the next door neighbour (or is it in the school?), so we need to watch when we have strong winds but they are fine.  Around here (and in the majority parts of the UK) there are a lot of trees on both sides of the road and I imagine many of them are old, it can be dangerous to go out in strong wind as one of them can fall over your car.  It is still quite windy today and I hear they are having snow in Scotland after the storm.


On the day before yesterday we moved the small pots of flowers into the utility area, which is the coldest part of our house because there is a gap under the door between that area and the garage.  However, I guess it’s still warmer than outside, the hyacinths in a pot are in almost full bloom now and the utility are was so fragrant from them when I went there to take them out again.





The hyacinths under the bamboo trees in our garden are also blooming.






This morning, panelling work has started.  The joiner is going to put panelling (beading?) in the master bedroom (just one wall behind the bed), in the downstairs cloakroom, and the living room – all different styles.  He’ll also replace the shelves on top of the cupboards in the living room with better looking ones, change the doors of the closet in the master bedroom from mirrored doors to wooden doors and also build some new closets and shelves in the dressing room.  As he works on his own, it’ll take a few weeks.  The main work (like cutting and painting) is done in his workroom and all he would do here is to install them so hopefully it won’t be too bad in terms of dust, but we’ll have to see.

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