Getting Away And Yummy Soup


Today and tomorrow some electrical work is being done at home as it needs to be finished before the serious renovation starts. The last time when some minor work was done while we were in London the state of the place when we got back was worse than we’d expected and we had to spend more than an hour to clean the area, so I suggested to my husband that we’ll ask our friends to put us up and we can clean the place early on Saturday so we’ll have plenty of time to clean.


This is the 5th time for us to move things and cover them with table cloths, then move everything back to where they were. Hopefully this is the last time before the 24th this month when the big work starts.


It was looking like this when I left hom this morning.


My husband was at home until lunch time so make sure the work was done where it should be. He did join us from lunch time. Our friend had prepared a soup – sweet potatoes, red pepper, carrot and coconut milk soup, it was delicious! I’ve got a rough recipe so I’ll have a go at some point.

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