Indian Chickpea Koftas (with Sweet Potato Fries and Salad)

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の Indian Chickpea Koftas (with Sweet Potato Fries and Salad)(インド風ひよこ豆のコフタ、サツマイモのフライとサラダと)でした。材料は、ライム、シャンツァイ、人参、ひよこ豆、小麦粉、北インドスタイルのカレーパウダー、マンゴーチャツネ、サツマイモ、クミンシード、青ネギ、トマト、きゅうり、アップル・サイダー・ビネガー。

Today’s dinner was “Indian Chickpea Koftas (with Sweet Potato Fries and Salad)” from Hello Fresh.  The ingredients are lime, coriander, carrot, chickpea, plain flour, north Indian style curry powder, mango chutney, sweet potato, cumin seeds, spring onion, vine tomato, cucumber, apple cider vinegar.


Kofta is something like meatballs in Middle-East but here it’s vegetarian patties made of chick peas mixed with carrot, coriander, flour, curry powder and mango chutney.  We’ve had something very similar before from them but they were burgers – what goes with chickpeas is almost the same other than the mixtures of the curry powders are different.  Sweet potatoes came already cut in a pack so all we did was to season them with salt, pepper & cumin seeds as well as coating with some oil then baking in the oven.  I guess we didn’t bake for long enough, only some of them were a little bit crunchy.  I think they would be nicer when you fry them but I suppose these need to be more healthy.  Anyway, we enjoyed this.






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