Chilli Toast


Today’s lunch was left-over Chilli Con Carne from the day before, served on toast. I wish we had pizza cheese to put on top and let it melt. If we were at home we almost always have some in the fridge. The bread is Rustic from M&S.


After lunch, we went to a supermarket to get some water but noticed that more people are buying more stock. When we went to get food about 5 days ago there was still plenty of things like dry pasta, flour, dried fruits but now those shelves are empty. I suppose if each of us is buying just a little extra this can easily happen. I’m hoping that people don’t keep buying stock and things will calm down and stuff will be back on shelves relatively soon. I wonder what the home delivery situation is. I heard from someone in Singapore that they could not get groceries delivered because the companies didn’t have enough delivery staff.

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