Walking in Woods


It’s so sunny today, I thought it looked hot when I looked outside but it is still quite chilly outside, I still need to wear a winter coat. In Japan, it’ll soon be cherry blossom time!


As it’s such a beautiful day we decided to go to the woods, where we saw some deer the other day, and when we got to the car park we realized, “Oh, of course, it’s a Saturday!”. The car park was almost full. Now that the schools will be closed l, restaurant closed and working from home is encouraged I guess these places will be relatively busy regardless of the day of the week anyway.


Still, as there is plenty of space there was no problem to keep social distance when we were walking. We just occasionally met a couple or a family in the woods who were walking to the opposite direction, People were enjoying themselves with their families or partners picking or playing badminton etc. on the lawn, too.


With so many people walking we didn’t see any deer but we walked in the woods for about 30 minutes or so and breathed ‘fresh air’. Am I getting more English now…? We are glad we live in a countryside.

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