Sausage Sandwich & UK Status Update


The Government here in the UK announced closing of schools (to most students) from Monday and closing all cafes, pubs and restaurants from yesterday, which we had thought was going to be just for London but it’s all over the UK. I’m a bit worried that more people may stock up on more food. Online shopping sites of supermarkets don’t seem to be functioning, either. So far we have enough rice, pasta and flour to bake bread at home for now and we’ve been able to buy most of the food we want in supermarkets, I hope it won’t get worse and online food shopping will be available soon.


We kept 2 sausages for today’s lunch when we cooked dinner last night. We halved the M&S Ciabatta rolls, grilled them, spread a little ketchup, topped with sautéed onion then the halved sausages. So simple and although it doesn’t look that great it’s really good when the bread is fresh and tasty and sausages are delicious.

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