House Renovation – Kitchen / Backsplash & Instant Boil Tap


As our house isn’t looking tidy enough, I haven’t taken any photos.  I think I will blog our renovation bit by bit.


First, the backsplash and Instant Boil tap in the kitchen.  The backsplash before the renovation was just a very simple stainless steel panel as the sink was also stainless steel.  This time, we chose this metal one.


I had lots of “wants” for the renovation but my husband didn’t have much request and he was taking a back seat most of the time.  I think he just wasn’t that interested.  However, once we started looking at fabrics for the sofa, the armchair, tiles for the bathrooms with our interior desginer, he suddenly started to enjoy himself and this backsplash is what he chose on one of those trips.  It’s very unusual, goes with our new kitchen tap colour.  The knobs of the doors of the kitchen cupboards and drawers are also in brass so they look very nice together.  Some of the cupboards and drawers are in dark grey and I feel the colours go lovely together, too.




We changed the sink but we also changed the tap to an Instant Boil type.  The water here is very hard but this comes with a system that softens the water.  You get soft 100C water, soft room temperature water and normal hard water (from room temperature to a high temperature like any other taps).  I’ve read that many of this type boils water up to 98C, not many boils to 100C.  As you get 100C water, we can use it to make tea with no need for a kettle.

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