Harissa Chicken & Roasted Cauliflower

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「Harissa Chicken & Roasted Cauliflowerでした。今日は、デコレーターさん(壁のペイント作業をする方)が来られて主寝室のペイントをされていて、終わられたのが7時(一応、今日が最後。まだ廊下やゲストルームなどたくさん塗るところは残っていますが、コロナウィルスが落ち着いてから再開です)だったので、今日も早く出来るもの、ということでこのメニューになりました。

Today’s dinner was “Harissa Chicken & Roasted Cauliflower” from Hello Fresh.  The decorator was here all day painting the bedroom and the bathroom and she left around 7.00pm, so we chose a quick recipe to cook.  The painting has finished – she hasn’t painted the corridor, the guest bedroom & the utility room, but all the main places have been done.  She’ll come back when the Coronavirus has calmed down and it’s safe to come back.



The ingredients are cauliflower, Chermoula Spice, Salad Potato, Shallot, Chicken Thigh, Green Beans & Harissa.  You put some salt & pepper and Chermoula spice on cauliflower florets, cover it with some oil and roast at 200C until it’s nice and golden.  You cut potatoes in 2cm dice and cook in a saluted boiling water until tender.  You sautee chicken and sliced shallot, add some salt & pepper and cook until it has colour, then add chopped green beans and cook until chicken is cooked through, then add potato and Harissa paste, mix well, serve with the cauliflower on top.  Very easy.

The flavouring is as you can see just Harissa paste but it was quite good, we enjoyed it.  I thought it would go with rice well.



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