Instant Ramen


I hardly slept on the day before yesterday, but I slept well and long hours last night.  Somehow I cannot sleep on the night before a morning when I need to get up relatively early, I keep thinking “I must sleep, I only have 5 hours to sleep!” and that keeps me awake!  Today is the first day of the lockdown and there was already a group of people somewhere (I think they said 20 of them?) having a BBQ outside and got told off by the police.  Really??


Today’s lunch was Japanese instant noodle.  I was going to order our favourite ramen from an online Japanese grocery shop in London but it was out of stock.  Everything I was going to order was out of stock.  Oh, well…


So we used one from a different maker but added some peanut butter and Dobanjan (spicy chilli paste).  It was good, but I would add more peanut butter next time.






After lunch, I tackled the boxes we had piled up in the kitchen, working on it until the evening.  We don’t have places where I can put store cupboard items yet. We still have empty shelves in the kitchen but I need to get some storage baskets or boxes for them – so these things are still in some supermarket shopping bags, but everything else (that was in the kitchen before we went away a month ago) has been put away.   Although I tell myself there is no hurry I just cannot help working on it continuously, I ended up working for 5 hours or longer without stopping and my lower back and bottom are a bit sore because I have sciatica – but I’m glad it’s all done.  Of course we’ll be making changes as we go along but at least the kitchen is workable now.

Tomorrow, we’ll start unpacking the boxes that we hadn’t unpacked before we went away, there are so many boxes we hadn’t opened because we knew the renovation was going to start.  There are a lot of dishes and bowls somewhere.   I cannot be sure yet but it looks like we may have enough storage in the kitchen and the dining room.  I hope we do!



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