House Renovation – Dining Room Unit


There isn’t enough storage in the kitchen for all the dishes, glasses etc that we have so  we asked the people who renovated our kitchen to put a wall unit in the dining room as well.  (I haven’t decided what to put on the open shelves yet, at the moment I put some of the vases but this may change.)




The material for the drawer panels is in dark and lighter grey and has lovely texture like stone, I love it.



The middle part of the unit has 4 drawers – 2 in 2 levels – but the top ones have shallow drawers.  The bottom 2 are very deep so they can take lots of dishes.  There are also narrower drawers on both sides of the middle part.  In the shallow drawer of the left top drawer, I put table mats, in the right one, I put cutleries and in the rest of the drawers I put crockeries.


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