Curry – Left Over Remake


Today’s lunch was Japanese curry – using left-over beef stew from yesterday plus water plus Japanese curry roux.  As the stew had some red wine in it was more acidic than usual curry but we still enjoyed it.  Most of the beef and vegetables were disintegrated, but there were a few large pieces of carrot and parsnip so I cut them into smaller pieces.  There is still some left, which we’ll have tomorrow again for lunch.



お庭に新しくお花が咲いていました。明るいオレンジ色なので遠くからでも目立って、なんだろうと行ってみましたが、知らないお花。(義弟からの情報、Geum というお花だそうです。調べて見たところ「ゲウム」とか「だいこんそう」と日本では呼ばれているようです。いろいろな色やタイプがあるようで、義弟宅には赤いのがあるそう。でも、やっと芽が出てきたところなのだそう、そっちは早いねとのことでした。)

I saw some new flowers in our garden today, very bright orange so I noticed them from inside the house.  I don’t know what they are, though.  (Information from my brother-in-law.  Apparently it’s called “Geum”.  There seem to be a few different colours and types and he says they have a reddish one in their garden but has just started sprouting, so we are ahead of them!)




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