Chicken In Sweet & Chilli Marinade


Today was a Collect Day of a supermarket’s “Click & Collect”.  Since the lockdown, unless you are one of the priority people, you cannot get a slot for a delivery so you have to “click & collect”, but even that isn’t easy, so as soon as I see a slot available I grab it.  This means you don’t have the luxury of choosing a particular day.  Even though the items you want are available online, you often get told that many of the things you want are not available – and sometimes you have awful substitutes that are not a proper substitute at all, very frustrating – but I shouldn’t complain.


Anyway, it was a collect day today for us and one of the things we got was chicken breast marinaded in sweet chilli sauce, so we used it for dinner today.  I realised we have no green vegetables in the fridge, so we roasted some purple sweet potatoes and made a salad.  In the salad we used some herbs from our collection of potted herbs in the garden.  They are still babies so we cannot use a lot, just a little bit of a few of them.  As well as the herbs, we used tomato, cucumber, onion, avocado, rocket and romaine lettuce.


The marinade was a little too sweet, I feel, but it was very tender and good.  However, the chicken portion was very small, one very thin slice each.  We should get 2 packs next time.










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