Front Garden Update (Elder Flower)


A lot of small white roses are out now.



I found out that this reddish coloured bush with smoky pink flowers is Elder Flower Tree.  It was getting so large and stopping the sun light to come into the kitchen so my husband cut it a little and we now found out that we should have cut it down quite a lot earlier in spring.  We must remember that for the next spring.  Elder Flowers I know have different shaped green leaves and white flowers but these are called “Black Lace”.






I know that many people make Elder Flower Cordial,  my husband and I were talking if we should make a little just for fun although we don’t drink sweet drinks, but my Italian friend told me she makes jelly (I think it’s what we call a jam), which is very popular amongst their B&B guests.  You need many of the fully opened flowers, so once we have more flowers opened maybe we’ll try that if it’s easy enough.




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