Flowers (Snap Dragon)


We have a flower subscription with a florist in London: a bunch of flowers is delivered every fortnight.  I cannot choose which flowers but it’s not a bouquet of various flowers, just one kind – I prefer this way to a mixture of flowers that I don’t like.  This time it was snap dragon.  I’m not a big fan of snap dragons and even less of a fan of the colour orange, it doesn’t go with our living room either… but it’s nice to have some flowers.





As you are supposed to get rid of most foliage when you make a bouquet I have take off most of the foliage but it made the bouquet very small, not enough volume.  I looked at their site and they keep the foliage, which adds some volume.  Next time I’ll have to be more careful. At the moment, only less than a half of the flowers are open, so once they open more hopefully it’ll look a little better.  There are 20 of them.



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