Asian Style Sticky Pork


It was another beautiful day.  Lots of jasmines are flowering, so it’s smelling so lovely near there.  Peony buds are getting larger, too, and I’m very looking forward to seeing them flowering.

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「Asian Style Sticky Pork with Veggie Rice」(アジア風スティッキーポーク、野菜ライスと一緒に)。前に一度オーダーしたことがありそのときに美味しかったので(そのときはアジア風ではなくタイ風となっていましたが、レシピは同じ)再びオーダー。(そのときのブログに材料など詳しく書いていますので、興味のある方はそちらをご参考に。)前は大きな人参でしたが、今回はすごく小さな人参だったので全部使いました。人参やハーブとライムの皮をたっぷり混ぜたご飯の上に、アジア風の味付けのポークをのせてあります。今回も、とても美味しかったです。ただ、ご飯がバズマティ米なのでもそもそとした食感、タイ米の方が合うと思います。

Today’s dinner was “Asian Style Sticky Pork with Veggie Rice”.  We’ve had this once before and we liked it (although it was called “Thai Style” rather than “Asian Style” but the recipe was the same, maybe someone claimed it’s not very Thai) so we ordered again.  I wrote more in detail in that post so if you are interested in ingredients etc please see the link.  The last time, I remember, the carrot was huge but this time it’s tiny!  So we used all the carrot.  It’s Asian flavoured pork on top of rice with carrot and lots of herbs and lime rind.  We liked it very much this time, too.  The only thing is that the rice is basmati rice, which I find a bit too dry for this type of a dish, I would prefer Thai rice.

追記:ちなみにこの2週間くらい間違いがなかった Hello Fresh ですが、今回は2アイテム忘れられていました。1つは他のメニュー用の小麦粉、もう1つはこのメニューの肝心要のケチャップマニス。たまたま、うちにはケチャップマニスを買ってありますが、そうでなければどうすれば?

(p.s.  Incidentally, they hadn’t made any mistakes for the last couple of weeks, but this time they forgot 2 items,  One was flour for another menu, the other was Kejap Manis sauce, which is very important for this dish.  Fortunately we have a bottle of it but if not what would we have done?)






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