Salad Dinner In The Garden


We are having an unusually long spell of beautiful days in England.  It’s light after 9.00pm, very sunny and hot if you sit in the sun but very cool (or rather chilly actually without a cardigan or something) in the shade, so even I, who in general prefers sitting inside the house, feel like having dinner in the garden.  It’s been very warm and we’ve been eating a lot of meat since we moved to England, I have been craving for salads recently, so that’s what we had for dinner today in the garden.


Until we moved to England I often had lots of salads or vegetables with my friends when I invited them for lunch, and then again the same evening for dinner with my husband. Now we have been cooking only for 2 of us and it’s not easy to cook various dishes for use in just one meal.  Today, we made 3 simple salads, plus grilled asparagus and a plate of ham and salami.  We also had pink Champagne, probably the first time this year other than New Year’s day.







Couscous salad – couccous, tomato, cucumber, onion, yellow pepper, coriander leaves, a lot of lemon juice, salt & pepper.



Potato salad.  Small potatoes, onion, cornichon, mustard from Japan, a lot of lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper.


Carrot salad.  Carrot, a lot of lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper and mint.

Asparagus was cooked in a dry frying pan slowly until charred, then sprinkled with salt.







This is the sort of a meal I really love, I enjoyed everything.  We couldn’t finish everything, so we’ll use left-over for sandwiches tomorrow for lunch.

For the last 10 years or so, we aren’t having dessert very often other than a little fruits in front of the TV after washing up, but as we were having a nice light meal with Champagne I felt like having something sweet, so decided to make one.  I’ll blog it in a separate post.

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