Today’s lunch was Ramen, which my husband loves.  I used Ra-oh brand Dan Dan Noodles that my sister sent to us from Japan when I asked for Chuka Zanmai one because she couldn’t find those anywhere, she actually thought they might’ve stopped selling them.  At the time the online Japanese grocery shop I use hadn’t had it for weeks but they are back now – maybe they have some old stock somewhere.


I added peanut butter and Dobanjan as always, but we still like the Chuka Zanmai one better.  This one wasn’t spicy at all and not very Dan Dan Noodle like either.  Still, even instant noodles are hard to get hold of here so I’m grateful that she sent these to us.  It isn’t a surprise at all but both Hong Kong and Singapore were heavens in terms of getting Japanese groceries.  I don’t cook Japanese food that often but I still find it hard here that I cannot get simple ingredients, it must be very tough for those who eat Japanese food regularly.


I stir-fried some cabbage that I mentioned yesterday, but it is so tough, even when stir-fried, and not sweet at all, sadly it wasn’t enjoyable.





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