Onion Omlette For Lunch


There are some eggs that I wanted to use (we don’t use many eggs so when we buy them without any particular plan to use them, they tend to be sitting in the fridge for weeks) and also wanted to use the left-over potato that we baked in the oven the other day, so we had onion & potato omlette for lunch.  A friend of mine in Tokyo invited me to a lovely lunch when I visited her and one of the things she cooked was onion omlette; I just added the potato to it.  It’s very similar to Frittata in Italy, I suppose, but not as thick.  I used to make Italian Frittata but it’s so filling, this is much thinner.


Served with a little salad and also a crumpet (as we didn’t have any bread).  We had a quarter each of the omlette so the rest will be our lunch tomorrow – probably omlette sandwich.







I’ve been wanting to make this onion omlette but I wanted to have it with Radicchio Salad that my friend served this with, but I cannot find any.  I may be able to find it in a supermarket but not online or in a farm shop.  Of course we can have it with any other salad but I think of the Radiccio salad to go with this because that’s how my friend served.

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