Waffles For Lunch


ユーチューブでタイ料理のレシピの参考に拝見している Hot Thai Kitchen で時々タイ料理以外のものも紹介されていて、少し前にワッフルのレシピの紹介があり美味しそうなので焼いてみました。このレシピの特徴は、小麦粉にコーンスターチを混ぜることとヨーグルトを混ぜること。バターミルクの代わりにヨーグルトとミルクを使われるそうです。レシピや作り方はこちらをご参考になさってください。(ワッフルメーカーは、クイジナートのものです。分厚いワッフルが焼けるタイプでなくては、上手く焼けないそうです。)

We had waffles for lunch today, it’s been many years since we made waffles at home.

I like this Thai food channel “Hot Thai Kitchen” and watch it for Thai cooking, but she sometimes shows how to cook something that is not Thai food.  About a month ago, she showed her waffle recipe.  She uses some corn starch as well as flour to make the batter light and also uses Yoghurt plus milk instead of Butter Milk.  Recipes and the method are all shown in the video and the description in this post.






The waffle maker used in the video buzzes to tell you  when they are done, but ours doesn’t so we were checking them now and again and I guess cooked for about 7 minutes overall – but I think we should have cooked them a bit longer.  I put the last half of it in the toaster and toasted for a few minutes, which made it much nicer.  I guess we should have cooked them for about 10 minutes – until just before they would start burning.  Also we would add a little more sugar and use less maple syrup next time.

We made a half of the quantity, so 4 waffles – 2 each.  1 each or 1.5 each would have been enough, 2 thick waffle each was a bit too much for us.

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