Fragrant Chicken Laksa with Red Peppers and Noodles


As we were out all day yesterday we weren’t able to see the announcement by the government about loosening the lockdown, but they seem to be loosening it more than we expected.


The social distance was shortened from 2m to 1m providing you wear a mask and wash hands etc.  We are now allowed to get together with more people – no limit of the number as long as it’s just 2 families.  Restaurants, pubs etc will be allowed to open including indoor places providing they have table service, beauty salons, hotels, cinemas, museums, galleries etc will be allowed to open, too.  As there are still large number of people infected every day, I don’t know if this is a good idea.  I hope there will be no second wave and the virus will be under control.

日が暮れて、気温は25度まで下がりました。湿度が低いとはいえ、お料理をすると暑いです!汗だくになりました。こんな暑い日はサラダなど冷たくてさっぱりしたものをいただきたいのですが、Hello Fresh でオーダーしたものを消化しなくてはいけないので、夫が好きな「Fragrant Chicken Laksa with Red Peppers and Noodles(香り良いチキンラクサ、赤パプリカと麺と)」にしました。こってりしたこのラクサ、夫が大好きなのでメニューにあると必ずオーダーしています。相変わらずこってりでしたが(笑)、夫は美味しい、美味しいと食べていました、何より。

Now that the sun has gone down, the temperature has dropped to 25C.  Even though the humidity is low, it is very hot to cook, eat and do washing up – I got very hot and sweaty.  On such a day, I would like to have something fresh and cool like various salads for a meal but we have to have Hello Fresh meals – this is the problem of having them, we can’t be so flexible. So we had “Fragrant Chicken Laksa with Red Peppers and Noodles”, which my husband loves.  It is very heavy, I find, but he loves it so I’m happy.


Hello Fresh’s this week’s “forgotten” item was a fresh red chilli.  Fortunately we had some in the freezer, but I wish they didn’t make so many mistakes.



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