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As forecasted, the temperature shot up and it’s been very warm today.  So far the indoor temperature has always been around 24C, which is in general higher than outside temperature but it’s cooler inside today.  It was around 24C in the kitchen this afternoon until we opened the doors between the kitchen and the garden, the indoor temperature went up to 26C almost instantly.  I’m told that you should keep the doors and the windows closed when it’s hot during the day and open them once the temperature goes down.  Still, as the humidity is very low, around 40%, it feels quite nice when you open the doors/windows with the breeze.  I get hot when I do anything, though.  The highest temperature today was 29C here but 31C in London and around London, it’s always a few degrees cooler here.  It’s going to be hot tomorrow again but then is expected to get cooler on Friday.


I didn’t open the window in the bedroom and kept the blind down so the temperature in the bedroom has been 24 or 25C, which feels cool when you go up from downstairs.  I used the aircon in the morning so I guess that’s why it still feels cool.  We are so glad we don’t need to worry about being able to sleep now that we have an air-conditioning installed.  Great timing!

裏庭のお花はほとんどどれも終わりで、今咲いているのは最後の薔薇がいくつか、ジャスミン、フューシャで、ちょっと寂しい感じです。が、2つ新しいお花が咲き始めました。どちらもすごく地味(笑)。日本語名がわからないのですが、1つは池の中から生えている、ずっと葉っぱだけだと思っていたところにお花が咲き始めました。Pickerelweed と言う植物だそうです。weed というからには、雑草なのでしょうね。池にはロータスも咲いています。

So, a little update of our garden.  Most flowers look finished, just a few roses, jasmine and fuchsia are flowering in the back garden but I found a couple of very subtle flowers.  One is these purple ones in the pond, apparently they are called Pickerelweed so I guess they are weeds.  Some lotus are flowering in the pond, too.




The other one is called ViViburnum tinus, which are climbing up the outside wall of the living room.  The leaves have lots of brown bits so we are wondering if they have some disease, but they started flowering some small white flowers.  My husband looked it up for me and found the name of them but it says they flower between November and February.  It is … June now….  Hummm.






I’m hoping the hydrangeas will start flowering soon but we didn’t do anything to them in the spring so I don’t know how good they would be.


The front garden is still looking lovely with white roses and lavenders.





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