Pasta with Left-Overs


It is very hot!  Now it’s nearly 31C inside and outside.  The humidity is less than 40% so with the doors to the back garden opened and the window on the other side in the kitchen opened, we get good breeze and it’s quite nice and comfortable as long as we don’t do anything.  As soon as we do anything we get hot.  It’s a sort of weather I feel like laying on the floor with a nice cool Japanese mat we used to use in the summer.


You do need to be very careful to protect your skin from UV, though, on such a day.  No clouds in the sky, the sun is close at this solstice time, and there’s none of the usual atmospheric screen of pollution because of the lockdown.  My husband is being sensible and is staying inside rather than sitting in the garden today.


As the temperature in the bedroom was above 27C we used our new air-conditioning during the night.  It’s so quiet, you hardly hear anything, the temperature control is so good, it was 24C all night, which is what we set it at.  We are so happy we have it!  It’ll go down to 23 tomorrow then around 20C for a while.  I remember they had a month of this sort of weather in July last year.  I hope that won’t happen this year, but at least we now have a cool bedroom.


On the day before yesterday, when we were having a BBQ in our friends’ garden, it was about 22C.  As we were in the shade and it was quite breezy, I was cold with just a camisole and a long sleeve linen shirt, so I wore a very thick and long winter cardigan and I was so glad I took it with me.  Now, I cannot think of wearing the cardigan.  Having said that, the 3 English people at the table were wearing very light summer clothes and were fine.  It was just me – and I think most Japanese would be like me.


We don’t often “cook” lunch but there was some of the Middle-Eastern Beef Stew left from the other night, so we used it as the basis to make a pasta sauce.  I sautéed onion and garlic, added fresh tomato, tomato paste and a little ketchup and mixed it with cooked pasta.  It was good.




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