It rained a little bit earlier and the temperature has gone down to 18C, quite cool.  It’s expected to go down to 14C tonight.  The humidity went up during the night and it was quite humid all day, almost 80%, so it felt a little stuffy inside during the day.  However, with a door open it was very pleasant.  We left one door open have been watching TV and it had gone quite chilly.  I don’t think we’ll need the air-conditioning on tonight.


Today’s dinner was Okonomiyaki – the first time to make this in England.  I brought Tenkasu (one of the necessary ingredients, it’s like fried batter) from Singapore, it’s way out of its use-by date but it seemed OK when I tried so we went ahead and used it.  My sister sent me Japanese cake flour and I found red pickled ginger online sometime ago (it was quite expensive but will last long) so we could have had okonomiyaki any time, but somehow we hadn’t had an opportunity.  Cabbage is the sweetheart cabbage that we bought in a farm shop – very tough but was OK shredded very thinly and cooked.  First we had Issenyaki as always – it’s like a savory crispy pancake – before making a big okonomiyaki with bacon.  Usually you use thinly sliced pork belly but we prefer bacon as pork belly in Singapore was quite gamey and here you cannot get thinly sliced meat anyway.  We enjoyed it very much.  As I don’t measure anything it’s different slightly every time, sometimes it comes out better than other times and it was very good today.  I like it with lots of cabbage, lots of eggs, a little Yamaimo (I bought some frozen grated one from London), not a lot of batter – so it’s light and you get the texture of the cabbage.





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