Salad Lunch


We were expecting a rain storm but it didn’t come to us, it rained just a little around 4.00am but that was it.  We would have loved a rain storm.  It must’ve been hot during the night but we had our airconditioning on all night so it was comfortable.


The temperature dropped down to 21C here this morning, but it was 29C in the corridor upstairs and 27C downstairs.  However, once we opened the doors to the back garden and the main door, the temperature dropped and it’s quite comfortable  now.  Apparently it’s still over 30C in London and around there.


Today’s lunch was a salad plate with the bread we baked in a machine yesterday.  The salad plate has honey smoked ham, fig, grilled green asparagus, Romaine lettuce, rocket, tomato, cucumber, yellow pepper, pickled red onion (left-over from a dinner sometimes ago).  I put some Japanese grain mustard in a simple dressing.  Green Asparagus are from a town near here, we like them scorched in a dry frying pan rather than boiled.  Unless it’s cold, I’m almost always happy with this sort of a meal. If it’s dinner I may add potato salad or couscous salad, but that’ll be enough.


May and June are white asparagus season, but we haven’t seen any.  I’m sure they have them in London but not here.  Maybe we won’t be able to eat them this year.



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