Toad In The Hole

今日の夕食は、「穴の中の蛙(Toad In The Hole)」というヨークシャープディングの中にソーセージを入れて焼いたものでした。ソーセージを蛙に例えた名前です。前回も書いたようになぜかシンガポールでは失敗ばかりでしたが、今日も上手く膨らみました。

Today’s dinner was “Toad In The Hole”.  Like I wrote last time when we tried making it in Singapore we kept failing.  It was working in Japan and in Hong Kong and here in West Sussex it’s been fine, so maybe it was the Singapore oven….?


Since a few months ago, the light in the oven wasn’t coming on, which was inconvenient, but we finally got the proper replacement bulb and we can see inside now!



We make it all in a frying pan, which can go in the oven.  First fry the sausages and then pour in the batter and put it in the oven for 25 minutes The last time we made this we cut the sausages up but this time we used them whole.





Side dishes are carrots and sugar snap peas but there weren’t a lot of sugar snap peas and we didn’t have any green vegetables, so I steam/stir-fried cabbage with onion and garlic.



With caramelised onion and gravy.  Yum!


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