Toad In The Hole


It was quite hot the other day and the bedroom was too hot for me one evening, but it’s been nice for the last couple of days.  It goes up to 20C during the day but it cools down to 10C or around that temperature, which is good for me.

今日の夕食は、「穴の中の蛙(Toad In The Hole)」というヨークシャープディングの中にソーセージを入れて焼いたものでした。ヨークシャープディングもToad In The Hole も日本、香港ではうまく焼けていたのになぜだかシンガポールでは失敗ばかりしていたのですが、いまだにその原因はわからず。イギリスに来て今回2度目のヨークシャープディング、だと思うのですが、今日は特に上手く出来ました。

Today’s dinner was Toad In The Hole.  Although we used to have great success with both Yorkshire Pudding and Toad In The Hole in Japan and Hong Kong, for some unknown reason, we kept failing in Singapore.  This is, I think, the second time for us to bake Yorkshire Pudding in England and it came out good both times but it was the best ever today as a Toad In The Hole.

色々な人のレシピを試していますが、今日は Delia Smith のレシピで焼きました。ただ、グリルでソーセージを焼くのではなくフライパンで焼いて、そこにヨークシャープディングの生地を流してオーブンに入れました。

We’ve tried quite a few different recipes but we used Delia Smith’s today except that instead of grilling the sausages we cooked them in a frying pan for about 15 minutes and then poured the batter into the frying pan before putting it into the oven for half an hour.


We had it with mashed potato, carrot & mangetout, and made a caramelised onion gravy.


The dishes are Noritake that we bought quite soon after we married.  I find this set a little too formal looking and also the dinner plates are a bit too small so I don’t often choose it.  My husband likes the set very much though, so we do use it now and again, but as you can see the plates get so full.  I think this size is more a standard size most people use at home. I sometimes get comments from my blog readers that the portion of our meals is small but this is why – most of the dishes we have are much larger than a standard dinner plate size.












We also had some cheese.  One is Brie de Meaux and the other is Blacksticks Blue.



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