Herby Creamy Rigatoni with Garlicky Greens and Creme Fraiche


It was cloudy all day, rained now and again, and very damp.  It was like the rainy season in Japan but with lower temperatures.

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「Herby Creamy Rigatoni with Garlicky Greens and Creme Fraiche (ハーブたっぷりのクリーミーはリガトーニ、ガーリックを効かせたグリーンのお野菜とクリームフレッシュ入り)でした。

Today’s dinner was “Herby Creamy Rigatoni with Garlicky Greens and Creme Fraiche” from Hello Fresh.

実は、今週Hello Fresh でオーダーしたものはオーダーするつもりではないものも混じっています。オーダーの仕方は、数日前までに何をオーダーするか決めるのですが、自分たちで選ぶ前に自動的に選ばれた品が3品あり(わたしたちは基本を3品にしているので)、その中からいらないものを消して代わりのものを選び、追加したい場合は追加するというシステムになっています。ところが、今回そのプロセスの途中でサイトの調子がおかしくなってアクセス出来なくなってしまったので翌日しようと思って忘れてしまい、変更期限を過ぎてしまったのです。幸い、わたしが食べられないお魚やシーフードやラムは入っていなかったのでまだ良かったですが、このパスタは選ぶつもりではなかったものでした。

We had some problem with ordering from Hello Fresh this week and some of the meals are not what we meant to order.  You are supposed to go into your account a few days before delivery day, delete what you don’t want from the default menu chosen by Hello Fresh and replace what you delete with what you want and then add some others if you like.  We were doing this a few days before the delivery date but the process wasn’t completed due to the problem of their site.  We were going to try again on the following day but we forgot – and by the time we remembered it was too late.  Fortunately there is no fish, seafood or lamb so we are OK, but this pasta wasn’t our real choice.


You stir-fry zucchini strips and Cavalo Nero with salt & pepper, then add garlic.  After stir-frying a little, you take it out into a bowl.  Using the same frying pan, stir-fry shallot for a few minutes, then add water and stock powder and reduce it to half, then add creme fraiche, salt & pepper, parsley, chives and grated Italian style cheese.  Mix it with the cooked pasta, add in half of the green vegetables, some grated lemon rind and lemon juice, salt & pepper and put it on the plate.  Add the remaining green vegetables and cheese on top, and it’s done.


I find it too heavy if we use just creme fraiche so we used half of the creme fraiche and replaced the other half with a thineer whipping cream and also added some hot water from the pasta cooking water.  It was good enough, but too much for me so I left about a quarter.  My husband finished his, though.  100g of pasta is easy to finish for me if the sauce is a lighter sauce, like tomato sauce, but when it’s a creamy one it’s just too much.




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