Tandoori Hasselback Chicken (with Turmeric Rice, Green Beans and Red Chilli Yoghurt)


It was quite sunny today.  Highest temperature was 19C, the lowest 10C, so it felt on the chilly side.

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「Tandoori Hasselback Chicken with Turmeric Rice, Green Beans and Red Chilli Yoghurt (ハッセルバックチキンのタンドーリ、インゲン入りターメリックライス、赤唐辛子入りヨーグルト添え)でした。昨日書いたように、今週のHello Fresh の食事は選ぶつもりではなかったものが入っていますが、これは選んだものでした。

Today’s dinner was “Tandoori Hasselback Chicken (with Turmeric Rice, Green Beans and Red Chilli Yoghurt)” from Hello Fresh.  Like I wrote yesterday, there are a couple of dishes that we didn’t mean to choose this time but this was one of the meals we did choose.


Tandoori chicken was grilled in the oven after having been coated with a mixture of yoghurt, Tandoori spice mix and turmeric.  The recipe says grill for 5 minutes once side then 2 minutes the other side but they were not cooked through, so I think we grilled for 12 or 13 minutes altogether.  Recently whenever we have chicken breast in the ingredients one comes in a very large size and the other only about a half of the size and this was the case today, so the smaller one was cooked in about 10 minutes, I think.


The rice was cooked with turmeric and salt (I cooked in my way, not in their way), then stir-fried with green beans then flavoured with salt, coriander leaves and fresh red chilli.


The sauce was a mixture of yoghurt with coriander leaves and fresh red chilli, we added lemon juice as well.


I had the smaller chicken, my husband the larger one.  Both the chicken and the rice were very tasty.  We thought the rice was going to be too much but we actually didn’t have any problem finishing it.






In the recipe it instructed you to get rid of the seeds of the red chilli but we used all of them and it was just the right amount of heat for us.  However, after eating, we felt our mouths were a little tingly from the chilli so we had something to calm them down with Japanese sweets that I ordered from the Japan Centre online shop.  I was expecting it to be like what we get in a convenience store in Japan, but it wasn’t that level and not that great, specially the dumplings were really not enjoyable.  Still at least they did calm down our tongues.








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