Friends’ Visit & Woodpecker


I didn’t have a chance to take any photos but a couple of friends came over this afternoon mainly to see our house because the last time they were here the renovation work hadn’t yet started.  They came over around 2.30 so we had tea with biscuits and cake at the table in the garden.  We would have sat in the dining room with the door open if the weather wasn’t good but it was quite nice weather, quite sunny with no breeze so not too hot or cold.  It was lovely to see them after such a long time (more than 6 months!).

2時間ちょっとおしゃべりをして帰られ、わたしはコンピューターの前に座っていたのですが、夕方ふと外をみると頭が赤い白と黒のウッドペッカー(キツツキ)(great spotted woodpecker)がフィーダーにとまっていました!ビデオを撮ろうと慌てて携帯を取ったのですが、撮り始めたときにはもうフィーダーにはいなくて地面をつついていました。遠くからガラス越しなので画像はよくないのですが、なんとか少しだけ撮れました。これまでも2度見かけたことがありますがいつも長居せず、今回もこのあとすぐ、飛び去って行きました。

They stayed for a couple of hours or so, then after they left I sat in front of my PC doing some internet and looked out of the glass door and saw a woodpecker on the feeder!  I quickly picked up my phone to take a video but by the time I turned the video on the woodpecker had left the feeder and was pecking on the ground.  I had seen one a couple of times before but it didn’t stay long, and this one left very soon after this video.  As I was taking this through a glass door and quite a way from it. it’s not a great video but it did catch it for a short time.



ビデオではよくわからないと思うので、Bird Forum からお借りした写真を貼っておきます。こんな鳥です。

The video doesn’t show the bird clearly so I borrowed a photo from Bird Forum.





And almost at the same time about 10 birds came and were pecking away on the ground for a little while then flew away, and came back after a few minutes to do the same again.  I’ve seen this a few times, it’s a bit scary when this many birds come at the same time… (My friend told me these are young starlings.)


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