Portobello Mushroom Fajita (with Refried Beans and Sriracha Salsa)

今日のディナーは、Hello Fresh の「Portobello Mushroom Fajita (with Refried Beans and Sriracha Salsa) 」(ポートベロ・マッシュルームのファヒタ、リフライド・ビーンズとシラチャサルサ)でした。これはオーダーするつもりがなかったのにサイトのトラブルでオーダーになってしまったもので、「おいしくなさそう。。。」と思っていたのですが、作ろうとしたらマッシュルームにカビが生えていました(涙)。多分カビのところだけ削れば食べられるだろうとは思ったのですが、気持ち悪いので破棄。

Today’s dinner was “Portobello Mushroom Fajita (with Refried Beans and Sriracha Salsa)” from Hello Fresh.  We didn’t intend to order this, it was ordered because of the trouble of their website and I really wasn’t keen on having this meal.  When we started cooking, I found that the mushrooms had some white mould.  I thought we can probably eat them if we slice off the mouldy parts, but I didn’t feel like it so we threw them away.


When I looked in the freezer, I found we had a pack of the filling for tacos (mince beef cooked with Mexican spices), which we froze the last time when we made tacos because there was enough left for another meal – so we used it instead of the mushrooms.


After sautéing onion, add garlic and Mexican spice mix, sautee for another minute before adding black beans & water (we didn’t use stock powder) and cook on a low heat for 5 or 6 minutes.  Then mash about a half of the beans, let the moisture evaporate and it’s done.


Salsa is just chopped tomato mixed with olive oil, schriracha sauce and salt & pepper.  Lettuce was just sliced.


We warmed up the tortillas in the oven for a few minutes and covered them with a dish cloth to keep them warm.  We put everything on the table and assembled the fajitas at the table one by one.  We had 3 each, and there is a little of the filling left for lunch tomorrow.


Although we missed having Guacamole – which we would normally have with such a meal – we enjoyed it very much.  We feel we enjoyed it more than we would have done if it were made with mushrooms, so finding mouldy mushrooms worked out better for us.











We had a half bottle of pink champagne (a little strange to go with fajita, I know).  We feel a half bottle is great for such an occasion – when it’s just 2 of us and with a casual meal.  Oh, we bought these new Champagne glasses because the ones we’ve been using are very large and look quite formal.  These new ones are nice and casual and not too large.  I have a feeling I see this shape on Japanese Instagrammers pages.

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