Japanese Vegetable Curry


It was grey all day and rained just a little, a very damp day.  It looks like it’ll rain tomorrow but expected to be nice from Friday for a while.

今日は家のことをあれこれしていたら、1日終わってしまいました。毎日時間が経つのが早くてびっくりしてしまいます。夕食を準備する時間が近づいて、メニューが決まっていないことに気づきました(笑)。Hello Fresh で4食分オーダーしていて4日間その中から選んで行くだけなのでメニューを考えることなく過ぎ、5日目になって慌てます(笑)。

AlI I did today was a few house chores and the day is already gone.  Every day seems to fly away so quickly and the time for cooking dinner comes quickly – then we realised we didn’t know what we would have for dinner!  As we order 4 meals a week from Hello Fresh, we don’t think of the menu for 4 consecutive days and in the evening of the 5th day we say “Oh, what are we going to have for dinner?”  And the same thing happens on the following week!


So we cooked Vegetable Curry with what we had at home – onion, carrot, potato, stem broccoli, garlic, ginger, tin tomato, Japanese curry roux, cumin, coriander, garam masala & mango chutney.




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