Today’s dinner was Okonomi-yaki.  This is the end of the Tenkasu (deep-fried batter that we use Okonomi-yaki) that I brought from Singapore and I haven’t found any in England, so I guess I’ll have to ask my sister to send some.  As always, we had Issen-yaki and Okonomi-yaki and of course beer!








I waited for the hedgehog from a little before 9.30pm but sadly I didn’t see it.  I don’t know if it appeared earlier than when I started watching out or it came later.  After about 9.45 it becomes totally dark in the back garden, so I wouldn’t see it.  I guess I was lucky that it came just before it got completely dark on the last two days.


I did a little research online about hedgehogs and found out that there may be about 10 different hedgehogs visiting our garden over several nights.  As we live in the countryside I guess there are many of them around here.  I would like to install a little wildlife camera in our back garden.




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