Beef & Mushroom Pie (with Mash & Savoy Cabbage)


It has been nice and sunny since yesterday.  The temperature was up to 21C or so, but goes down to 10C at night, it feels quite chilly unless you are getting the direct sun.  We had about 2 weeks of warm weather in May, maybe that was the summer this year?


I set the table today with very pale blue table cloth and white place mats and dishes, it looks nice and summery.  I bought this table cloth recently online and thought it was paler than I expected and look almost pale grey and not great, but it actually looks very nice with light colours like white and pale grey.



今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「Beef & Mushroom Pie (with Mash & Savoy Cabbage)」(ビーフとマッシュルームのパイ、マッシュポテトとサヴォイキャベツ添え)でした。初めてオーダーするメニューです。

Today’s dinner was “Beef & Mushroom Pie (with Mash & Savoy Cabbage)” from Hello Fresh.  The first time for us to order this one.


After sauteeing mince beef, you add cornstarch and sautee for another minute and take it out.  Using the same frying pan, sautee onion and carrot for a few minutes, add mushrooms and sautee a few more minutes, the add garlic and tomato paste for another minute.  Put the beef back to the pan with the rest, add water and red wine stock pot and cook until it thickens for a minute or two.  This is the filling of the pie.


Pour the filling in a gratin dish, cover it with puff pastry sheet, trim the edges, brush the top with milk and cook it in 200C oven for about 15 minutes until golden.


Potato was cut in 2cm dice, cooked in boiling water then mashed.  Savoy cabbage was stir-fried with a little water – but I used a couple of garlic cloves as well.


Came out great.




It was very good.  However, these plates are 30cm diameter – so it was very big portion.  There was no way I could have finished it – even my husband couldn’t.  We both finished the cabbage, my husband had most of the mash but I left about a half. I left about a half of the pastry but my husband had what I left as well as his.  I guess about 1/3 is left from the filling so we’ll probably add some tinned tomato and make a pasta sauce from it.







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