Maple Soy Glazed Tofu (with Ginger Fried Rice)


It was very good weather today.  I didn’t see the hedgehog for the last two days.  I had a feeling that when I did see it it came from the other side of the garden away from the house towards the house, so I was standing near the kitchen door to the garden and looking out from around 9.30pm.  Then I heard some noise from where the bamboos are.  I thought it could be birds but by that time of night we don’t usually see any birds, and it was a hedgehog!  It came out of the bamboo bush and walked across the lawn towards the garden gate.  Maybe it lives in the bamboo bush, or many it comes from beyond there if there is a hole on the fence behind the bamboo bush.  Anyway, I’m happy I saw it!


さて、今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「Maple Soy Glazed Tofu (with Ginger Fried Rice)」(メイプルシロップとお醤油をからめたお豆腐、生姜風味、チャーハン添え)でした。お豆腐は小麦粉とタイスパイス、塩胡椒を混ぜたものをまぶして焼き、メープルシロップとお醤油を混ぜたものをかけて煮詰めています。

Now, the dinner tonight was “Maple Soy Glazed Tofu (with Ginger Fried Rice)” from Hello Fresh.  Tofu was covered with flour, Thai spice, salt & pepper and sauteed in oil.  Then covered with a mixture of maple syrup and soy sauce in the frying pan until it’s thickened.


You stir-fry stem broccoli (and we added some sugar snap peas a little later instead of the included Bok Choy because my husband hates Bok Choy), add a splash of water then steamed with a lid on the pan.  Then add ginger, grated lime rind, garlic, fresh red chilli (the recipe says use half without seeds but we use the whole chilli with seeds), sautee a few more minutes, then add cooked Basmati rice (which was cooked with star anise and salt) and stir-fry for a few minutes before adding soy sauce, salt & lime juice.


Place rice in a bowl, then tofu, then some sesame seeds & green onion.


Sadly, the tofu was not nice at all.  The texture is much too hard and dry.  I did expect this because I know it’s hard to get good Tofu here in the UK, but it was still a shame that it wasn’t a nicer one.  Also unusually tofu wasn’t seasoned well enough, it needed more soy sauce and sweetness.  I would cut it smaller so there is more surface area for the seasoning to be absorbed, and add something like corn starch so the sauce is thicker to cling to the tofu.   We added some soy sauce and Thai spice at the table and it was much nicer then.





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