Books & Lemon Honey Tea



After we finish dinner and clearing up, my husband goes to his loft and I sit in front of my PC to update my blog.  After a while my husband would come down from his loft and we watch a film or a drama in the living room.  Then my husband would go to bed and I sit in front of my PC again and do more blogging or watch youtube or do some search online etc.


For a long time after we moved to England it was too cold to want to have cold sparkling water and specially at night I would have something hot like Lychee Oolong Tea or Ginger Tea or something.  Recently it’s getting warmer so I’m not drinking more cold sparkling water but in the last few days or so it feels quite chilly at night so I’m drinking hot drink more.  Today, I had Lemon Honey Tea – I just squeeze some lemon juice in the cup, chuck the segment I squeezed juice from and put a teaspoon or so of honey and hot water.





Under the cup are the cookery books I bought since we moved here – I’ve been trying very hard not to buy many.   (I now buy novels in Kindle version.)



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